Sunday, 10 July 2011

Advantages of Computers

There are some advantages of Computers;

1- Efficiency:

Machines are more efficient than humans. They can perform millions of calculations with less effort in no time.

2- Reliability:

Work done by computer is more reliable than one done by humans. Computers perform according to the instructions given to it that makes output or results produced by these more accurate and reliable. For example, a computer can do millions of error free calculation in less than a second.

3- Storage:

Computers give you an advantage of storing large amount of data in one place. For example you can store the data of whole library in one computer.

4- Fast Results:

Computers are capable of doing many difficult tasks in very short time. Everyday the processing speed of computers is increasing to make them work faster. Latest computers are capable of performing thousands of instructions and calculation in less than a minute which used to take hours with old PCs.

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